Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go Red Raiders!

We are so proud of our Red Raiders and we cannot believe that we are ranked #2 in the nation! Awesome. Paige consistently shows her support by sporting her Texas Tech onesies...she wears one every game so it must be good luck. Last week was the Junior League Holiday Market, so Barbara (Paige's BB) came in town to help me out a bit and we are so sad that she is gone, she was a huge help and we miss her already! The Market was a success and thankfully no one was hurt in the process :) and it was well worth it for BB to make the trip down here to help. Thanks BB!

Ready for the game.
We got ready early!
Tech hat from BB and Papoo.
Touchdown Raiders!
BB and Paige (It must be half time if Paige is sleeping.)
Funny face
Bath time fun!
Go Tech!
So sad that BB is gone.


sarah watson said...

wow, she looks just like you in those pictures :) okay, i'm a tech fan...they're awesome...you know i went to baylor, so i really don't have a team to cheer for...usually I'll cheer for a&m, never ut, but now, i think i might be a raider fan for awhile...mom's from west texas so maybe that's a good reason?

Lindsay H said...

So cute! She is changing so much! She even looks different today than in those pictures. :)

TeamRiss said...

Good girl! And they have been playing awesome this season. She's too adorable- I definitely foresee a Raider in our midst.

Shannon K. said...

wow! she's changed so much. time's a flyin'! we should get our little hurricanes together soon. :)

Mike and MK said...

She and Kate will get to meet soooo soon! Can't wait to hold precious Paige!!!

Miranda said...

I got your birth announcement yesterday and its on my fridge so I can see Paige everyday!! I wish yall lived closer so I could come over and hug her more often!!!

Miss you momma....MiranDaaaaa