Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break!

Could I BE any worse at updating my blog? (chandler voice) Well, time does fly especially in this gorgeous weather we are having! I love Spring except for the pollen, that part is sick. Paige has been keeping us pretty busy, she loves to be outside, she is very talkative, kinda shy (until she feels comfortable about a situation), and is a great dancer! Clay and I were able to go to Steamboat with some friends a couple of weeks ago and have our own Spring Break, so Paige got to stay with her Grandparents for a few days, thanks Grammy and Grandpa! Although this wasn't your typical crazy college spring break, we certainly acted like it was, we had a great time!

P at the Aquarium
me and jess at the slopes
my little lady
testing out a ponytail

papoo, paige and bb
looking at the pony
daddy and paige
well clay at least we don't have to worry about your hair blowing in the wind anymore ;)
paige's new kicks
go texan day at market street
p loves her baby
poor paige, we woke her up at 1am to take her home
aunt megan's birthday celebration
grammy, kendall, paige and me
so she's going to be "that" kid
p and papoo
paige's bud, davis
another pal, morgan
enjoying her new closet hideaway
last day in steamboat
charley, brandon, clay (mark, not pictured)
we were sad to leave, jess, lindsay, me (ashley, not pictured)
snow angels!
me and linds in steamboat
paige in the closet before i cleaned it
daddy and paige before church
mama and paige before church
a favorite spot
before ginger's wedding