Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Let's see...we have been doing a lot these past couple of weeks...gaining weight, tummy time, going to the pumpkin patch and big girl baths! Paige now weighs 11 lbs, or close to it. Me and my mom weighed ourselves (and no, I am not disclosing my weight) and then held Paige and weighed ourselves again and both came out 11 lbs heavier! She loves taking baths, it really calms her down and we are getting better at tummy time. We celebrated Dad's birthday and Uncle Paul's birthday with burgers and cookie cake. Happy birthday boys! Hope everyone has a happy halloween!

At the Pumpkin Patch
Sleepy pumpkin
Crazy hair and tummy time!
Tricks with Grandpa
Blowing out the candles with the birthday boys.
The birthday boys...Jackson loved the frosting!
After bath
Bath time.


Shannon K. said...

That's the cutest pumpkin belly I've ever seen. :P I weigh Ryan the same way..hehe. Last week it said 11 lbs too!

Lindsay Donaldson said...

Hey Kelly! I do not have your new e-mail address or new home address. Would you mind sending them to me? Thanks!!!


Team Leslie said...

Growing so quickly! She's such a cute pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

show her p-ssy