Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're baaaa-aaack!

I can't believe it has been two months since my last post! To my faithful readers: I am sorry. But we're back and we had a great Christmas and we're off to a good new year! Christmas Eve we were stuck at the Houston airport for about 8 hours, our flight was cancelled, so we left the airport and stayed with my parents for the night. Then my Dad took us back to the airport on Christmas morning, we flew into Midland and Clay's parents picked us up and drove us to Lubbock. We were exhausted! After Christmas in Lubbock we flew to Steamboat to celebrate the New Year, it was great and a lot of fun! Lots of skiing, sledding, shopping, and a surprise visit from Megan and Dallas. It was a fun holiday season but we are happy to be home and back into our normal routine. Hopefully you still remember what we look like since it's been so long, here are some pictures to help you out.

Master P

Kendall at her 2nd birthday party

aunt lu's family party

aunt lu and jack

yum, cake!

"happy birthday to lindsay"

aunt lu and kendall

paige singing

paige dancing

on Christmas Eve morning

her very own chair

family Christmas

her new doll


enjoying the cookies that GG made

playgroup christmas party

sledding in steamboat

getting P situated

tarro trio

having a chat

paige is always helpful in the kitchen