Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gorgeous Weekend!

It was such a pretty weekend, we just had to take advantage! We played at the park and went to Market Street to do some early Christmas shopping...we have awesome weather during this time of the year, so it is fun to be outside as much as possible. I also got a hot stone massage on Saturday morning which was fabulous and was a gift from my wonderful husband...you simply must try one!

Me and Paige at Market Street.
In front of the HUGE tree at Market Street.
Paige and Daddy in front of the tree.

The HUGE tree at Market Street.
Paige enjoying the park.
Paige and Hazie having a staring contest.
Hazie at Rob Fleming Park.
Hazie loves the park!
Bumbo fun!
Hot stone massage. (That is not me)


Lindsay H said...

What...you didn't get them to take a picture of you while you were getting your massage? ;)

Jean said...

LOL. I had my first hot stone massage Saturday at Massage Heights. Where have they been all my life? We need to get together soon!

the_wells said...

i was gonna come kick your a$$ if you looked that perfect and hot getting a massage ;)

Shannon K. said...

Haha...I thought that was you! :P Paige is adorable as always :)

amason said...

I am loving Paige's hair! She is a doll!!