Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Let's see...we have been doing a lot these past couple of weeks...gaining weight, tummy time, going to the pumpkin patch and big girl baths! Paige now weighs 11 lbs, or close to it. Me and my mom weighed ourselves (and no, I am not disclosing my weight) and then held Paige and weighed ourselves again and both came out 11 lbs heavier! She loves taking baths, it really calms her down and we are getting better at tummy time. We celebrated Dad's birthday and Uncle Paul's birthday with burgers and cookie cake. Happy birthday boys! Hope everyone has a happy halloween!

At the Pumpkin Patch
Sleepy pumpkin
Crazy hair and tummy time!
Tricks with Grandpa
Blowing out the candles with the birthday boys.
The birthday boys...Jackson loved the frosting!
After bath
Bath time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Pics

A few random pics as we enter week 5 of life!

So peaceful.
Too sleepy for a picture.
Shimmying down the sofa.
Happy tummy time...that's a first!
Cute shoes.
Gazing out the window.
More gazing.
Go Tech!
Looking like daddy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We made it!

Paige will be one month old on Tuesday, we can't believe it has already been a month since she was born...time certainly does fly when you are busy with a baby! For the past three nights Paige has been sleeping very well, she will go down around 11:30pm and won't get up until about has been great so far, we'll see how long this trend lasts! During the day she still sleeps a lot but is awake much more now, so we play, go on walks (which is interesting with a stroller and Hazie) run short errands and visit with friends. Life has been good for the Tarro family...we're just having fun watching her grow and learning more about her each day.

Watching football with Aunt Megan.
Playdate with Ryan...Kendall was moving around way too much to be bothered with a picture.
Sweet girl.
Not a true fan of tummy time yet.
Listening to Pat.
Hangin with Miranda.
Laughing at Kendra.

Hazie wanted to play too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We think we'll keep her...

Paige is now 17 days old and we had her 2 week check-up yesterday...she is a growing girl!! She now weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz. and is 21.25 inches long! We are thrilled at how well she is growing!! She is a great baby and we just like sitting there staring at her and making funny faces at her...she probably already thinks her parents are big dorks. Cousin Jackson had his 3rd birthday on September 15th so we went over to Aunt Lu and Uncle Paul's house to have a family party...she did great for her first birthday party! Grammy and Grandpa Tarro are in town for a few days so we have been enjoying spending time with them and letting them bond with Paige. Here are some recent pics of the past couple of weeks.

sleeping...or tooting

Grammy and Paige
Grandpa and Paige

smilin at momma
Jackson about to blow out his candles
so excited!
the Hollas clan
Kendall, Aunt Lu, Paige and Daddy
Kyle and Paige

Hazie checking things out

washing feels so good!