Wednesday, January 21, 2009

4 Months Old!

New things are happening for Paige each day. She is now 4 months old and grabbing our faces (and our drinks), trying to roll over, eating cereal and talking (or screaming) constantly. It is so great to watch her grow and re-live all of the new things with her. Here are her current stats:

Length: 25.25"
Which puts her in the 75th - 90th percentile

Weight: 13lbs 13ozs
Which puts her in the 50th - 75th percentile

Also, we have been having weekly playdates with Paige's cousins, Kendall and Jackson...we are so happy they live so close and so happy that everyone will soon be able to run and play together...for now, Paige mostly watches Kendall and Jackson and Hazie is a great source of entertainment for all!

Don't even think about coming near me with that cereal.
Let mommy try.
Now Daddy will try.
Kendall and Hazie playing ball.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Still Here

It has been ages since my last post...sorry! Here are a few pics from Steamboat and NYE. We had a great time in Colorado, skiing, eating, drinking and just being merry. Hope everyone has had a prosperous new year so far! (These are a little out of order, but you get the general idea.)

working with daddy
i'm really good at winking
uncle dave, lindsey and papoo
the happy couple
tarro trio
shopping in steamboat
serious faces
taking a break from catch phrase
paigey poo
daddy and paige
sad face
good morning
paige and bb
the bros loved their iphones
NYE kiss
NYE kiss #2
the view from our house
nice view
clay and kyle
paige realizing just how big kyle really is
me and my dad
crazy face (apparently that means sticking your tongue out)
off the plane in steamboat
at the houston airport
'09' the skiers had flares skiing down the mountain on NYE
kendall loved her new tunnel
my sweet little neice kendall
new blower (i think he is a little afraid of it though)