Friday, October 3, 2008

We think we'll keep her...

Paige is now 17 days old and we had her 2 week check-up yesterday...she is a growing girl!! She now weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz. and is 21.25 inches long! We are thrilled at how well she is growing!! She is a great baby and we just like sitting there staring at her and making funny faces at her...she probably already thinks her parents are big dorks. Cousin Jackson had his 3rd birthday on September 15th so we went over to Aunt Lu and Uncle Paul's house to have a family party...she did great for her first birthday party! Grammy and Grandpa Tarro are in town for a few days so we have been enjoying spending time with them and letting them bond with Paige. Here are some recent pics of the past couple of weeks.

sleeping...or tooting

Grammy and Paige
Grandpa and Paige

smilin at momma
Jackson about to blow out his candles
so excited!
the Hollas clan
Kendall, Aunt Lu, Paige and Daddy
Kyle and Paige

Hazie checking things out

washing feels so good!


Anonymous said...

How precious! I love the picture while she's smiling in her sleep. That's one of my favorite things...when they smile in their sleep. I've always thought they are dreaming of heaven, cause they just came from there. :) She's very cute...thanks for sharing the pics.

Take care! ~Annie

Lindsay H said...

So, so cute!!! I miss her already and I just saw her a couple days ago. She's already changed! They grow so fast. Enjoy every moment!!

Miranda said...

I love her!! She needs to meet her aunty MiranDA!! I'll be in Houston next weekend, maybe I can stop by on Sunday on the way back to Dallas. I will call you.

Czarina said...

She is sooo cute! Mommy-hood looks good on you.


KELLY! I am sooo happy for you two... and Hazie! Paige is gorgeous and I just love her name. Your sister gave me your blog site and I am so glad she did! I can't believe you are a little mom now! Prettiest Momma ever, and tell Clay he is a studly dad! email me I want to catch up if you get a chance. Kiss Paige on her little head for me. take care!

Chelle said...

Kelly she is just adorable! I love all that hair! You have a beautiful baby girl!

Shannon K. said...

She is gorgeous! Her hair cracks me up. :P Can't wait to meet her!

Team Leslie said...

I think she is starting to look like a Hiller girl:)

Mike and MK said...

Love the faux-hawk! She is so cute and I love those smiles too :)

Lindsay said...

I think she looks like you!! At least in the sleeping pics. What a cute little girl!! I hope you're getting sleep! :)

Lindsay Donaldson said...

Hey kelly!
We want to come bring you guys a meal but Ellie has gone from the stomach bug to a cold now. As soon as she is all better I will call and set up a day! Paige is just precious, can't wait to hold her!!!