Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For Clay's 30th birthday I surprised him with a trip to Chicago...three days in the windy city, complete with a baseball game at that Tarro! We had the best time, the weather was great, GG and Uncle Dave were the perfect hosts! We went to a Cubs game, played at GG's house, saw both of Dave's new offices and visited Cantigny. We can't wait to go back to the windy city!!

Oh, and by the way, me and Paige are famous!

the fountains at cantigny

me, paige and GG at cantigny

me and paigey poo

the map of cantigny was in the floor! paige thought this was pretty cool

beautiful cantigny

paige LOVED riding on the golf cart

giving paige the "rumple, dumple"

plain white t's singing "take me out to the ball game"
paige and GG scavenging for snacks



uncle dave, paige and clay

clay, paige, GG and me

clay and paige at wrigley just got to wrigley and so happy to be out of the car

on our way to wrigley


Team Leslie said...

Great, great pix Kelly. I'm so glad y'all got to go - what a great surprise for Clay!

Anonymous said...

That was a cool link about your exercise class? Where did you find out about that?

Looks like all is well with you guys. :)

Kelly Tarro said...

a friend of mine is the's a great workout!

amason said...

how fun!!
tell paige to watch out for those crazy paparrazzi!!