Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer 2009

We've had such a fun and busy summer so far, here are some pics from Seattle, Red River and Steamboat and we still have a couple of trips to round out the summer before the fall! Hopefully there will be a TTU game or two in our future to get excited about!! So, a little update on Paige: she is crawling, she is cruising, she is climbing, she is into everything! She has also developed quite the personality...she will definitely let me know if she is unhappy about something or if she doesn't want to go somewhere, or if she just thinks that I am being unreasonable. Paige is a very happy baby, loves to be outside, around her friends and around her cousins...she's very social! We have been very blessed to have a happy, healthy little girl!

on our balcony in steamboat
jackson, ready to hot tub!
sleeping giant, can you see him?
paige lounging at the park
pretty girl
that slide got really hot, really fast!
kendall swingin
jackson swingin
cousins in the tub!

after our walk...see the flower in paige's hair from grandpa?
checking things out

on our way to red river

paige with her papoo
i didn't do it!
who me? (this is a new favorite cabinet of hers)
another favorite trick
in seattle
kendall stopping by to say hello
reese and morgan enjoying the fountains
beau and paige, ellie and brady in the back at the fountains


Team Leslie said...

Great pictures! I love the one of you & Paige after your walk. It looks like y'all had a wonderful time!!

JoLynn said...

The Tarro's look fabulous! Very jealous of all your traveling I do have to admit!! :)

Sawyer Family said...

Oh my!!! looks like yall are enjoying the summer with Paige, she has the cutiest liitle smile. Hope to see you guys real soon- I could use me some kelly time.

Anonymous said...

lovely little bald baby p-ssy in the tub, my tongue would clean her good