Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

We had a lovely spring break and what made it lovelier was that BB and Papoo came to spend a little time with us before the Merwin/McKnight wedding weekend extravaganza! Congratulations Lindsey and Kyle!!

So recently my Dad said that Paige's hair looked like Conan O'Brien's hair. As you can imagine, I was appalled by that accusation. Well, I'll let you be the judge.

Checking in at the 4 Seasons

Paige loves her swing, thanks Sawyers! Kendall is still getting over some ear infections...poor baby Kendall (Paige is apparently trying to get Kendall's attention in this pic) hi ho silver! hangin with BB Happy Birthday Papoo! Going to Lindsey and Kyle's Thursday night BBQ


Honeyman 4 said...

That's awesome...made me laugh out loud!

Mike and MK said...

I love the comparison..but no, poor Paige's hair does not look like his. I love that hair! Kate even had the exterminator comment on her crazy hair-do this morning! :) You look the new pictures!

Sawyer Family said...

We are glad she likes the swing....great seeing yall this past weekend- can't wait to see paige soon