Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thursday is one of our favorite days b/c we have playgroup and we get to see all of Paige's buddies once a week...there are about six of us right now but hopefully Jessica and Jackson will join us soon! Get ready for Mom's Night Out ladies!! ;)

Laura and Ellie
Shannon and Ryan
Ashley and Davis
Paigey Poo
Me and Paige


Honeyman 4 said...

Awesome! I love to see yall starting an 'infant' playgroup! It's how we all got so close. Enjoy it, soon they will be as old as ours.

the Sebring's said...

Hey Kelly! What a fun playgroup! It was nice to see you at Jessica's shower! Hope to you see soon when Jackson is born!

Miller Family said...

Cute pics Kelly!! I had fun at playgroup with you guys! Why is it that our GIRLS are the big time droolers in these pics? Check out their shirts! LOL! I'm so glad Paige and Ellie are buddies! :) See ya next week.

amason said...

missed y'all this week. see you thursday!

Shannon K. said... that a picture of me? :P Never happens...thanks!

abby said...

I haven't looked at your blog in quite some time and I was honestly blown away by how big Paige is! She is beautiful too!