Friday, March 7, 2008

14 Weeks and Counting!

Cravings for the second trimester:

-Donut holes
-Scrambled eggs
-Chewy Sweet Tarts (I cannot find the BIG chewy sweet tarts anywhere and it is driving me crazy, I am about to order them online, how sad.)
-Chai Tea

And I guess I wouldn't really call them cravings b/c I eat those things all the time now. Yes, I do love being pregnant!

Another update: I am not wearing maternity clothes just yet thanks to the little miracles that I like to call the Bella Band and Empire Waist shirts. Although, when I am ready to wear maternity clothes, my fabulous sister Lindsay has given me all of hers, thanks Lu! Also, some friends who will remain nameless have offered to let me go shopping in their closets (or boxes) of maternity clothes, don't think I have forgotten that. I will post some pictures of my growing belly soon!


TeamRiss said...

Hey lady! I'm so excited about your pregnancy (congratulations!) and just heard about your blog- so great you started one so everyone can keep up with Baby Tarro's growth! Hope to see y'all soon. -emily

The Leslie Family said...

so glad you're feeling well...& looking like a champ I must add.

Ashley said...


I just heard the good news so thought I would stop by and say congrats! Good news travels fast I guess. It was nice "reading" up on you on your blog. It is weird to think people our age are all starting to have kids. I'm not really one to talk considering my oldest is 3 but I still can't get used to it!