Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to this summer: Visiting BB and Papoo in Lubbock, staying with friends in Dallas, 4th of July in Steamboat with the fam, pool time and hanging with friends. So fun, but soooo hot! We're ready for school and fall weather!
Me and Paige at Fish Creek Falls
Grammy, Grandpa, P and me
Me, P and BB
Lu, Grammy, Me and Grandpa
P and K enjoying a donut
K, J and P watching the hot air baloons
Hot air baloon rodeo!
P and Grandpa watching the thunderstorm
J and P having a snack
even Hazie got to come to Steamboat!
a little football before dinner

at the museum with BB in Lubbock
Daddy, P and me in Lubbock
Daddy, P and Papoo
She loves her new bike!
Paige and Taylor in the tub


Miranda said...

Finally you posted pictures. How can I stalk you without pictures???

Team Leslie said...

I love the pictures:) Ah - CO looks so nice and cool!!

Anonymous said...

love em naked in the tub

Anonymous said...

stand up girls and show me those sweet baby p-ssy's