Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Over Due, the Zoo and Birthday Fiesta!

I finally found the cord to my small camera so I was able to upload some long over due pics from January I think. Also, these are some pics from April and my Birthday celebracion (that's celebration in spanish) on Saturday night. We had so much fun eating at El Tiempo and then we went to see Bob Schneider at the House of Blues...great venue! Bob wasn't as good as he normally is, but it was still a fun time with great friends!!

shots always seem like such a super idea

after the shots
at el tiempo
stupid waiter putting cake on my nose
mark and ashley
lu and paul
tim and steph
1st attempt at a picture of the three of us (without tim making that creepy 'lean-in' face)
2nd attempt
fun with high school friends at emily's wedding

me and van sant
in lubbock for paige's sip and see (that is clay's cousin, sara, reading to paige)
she found daddy's hat!
enjoying the weather

flamingos at the zoo
happy girl at the zoo
tarro trio
awesome bed-head
paige and brady at playgroup


amason said...

that was a fun bday celebracion! i think i had the most fun in the car jammin to the old school music!

Sawyer Family said...

I ran into Van Sandt at the Katy trail 5K- she looked great- I was beat red after running with RLS. Looks like you had a nice b-day, you deserved it. Hope to see ya soon- vic