Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Joyful Noise

I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not the sound of the music next door that the workers are listening to that sounds like a mariachi band is playing in our living room, no...Paige laughed for the first time yesterday! A real belly laugh, it was so cute, unfortunately I couldn't run downstairs fast enough to get the video camera...hopefully there will be more chuckles in our future and less maraccas.
Paige is also doing many new things now including but not limited to laughing, putting her feet in her mouth, trying sooo hard to roll over, pulling her paci out of her mouth (but failing to put it back in!), actually playing in her exersaucer, testing out the jumparoo, she does ab crunches and we went down the slide at the park for the first time today. She is a growing girl too, I can feel her getting heavier by the day maybe it's because of all the cereal she chows down daily!
Paigey Poo
Doing some ab work.
Trying so hard to roll over.
The three girls.
Tummy time is a must.
Playing in the exersaucer.
Just chillin.
Modified tummy or "daddy" time.
Leslie came for a visit.


Norm said...

I'm LOVING your cute little baby's hair 'do!!!

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest. Her Papoo said so!!!

Lindsay H said...

I love the ab work! Tell Paige I'll do abs with her anytime! Jackson loves to do crunches too!

Clymer Crew said...

love the hairdo!

you, me, ashley, and jessica all need to get together soon!