Tuesday, June 3, 2008

26 Weeks!

Well, I am rounding out the 2nd trimester and am about to enter the lovely 3rd trimester...only about 14 weeks to go now! We have been taking our pre-child birth classes which is a good learning experience (a little too good, at times) and will help us prepare for the big day. I still feel like there is A LOT to do especially since I can't set up the nursery until we move into our new house in early August. I will post pictures of the baby's room when I can get in there and start decorating. Oh well, nothing like saving everything until the last minute.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

I'm SO happy for you guys! I found your blog from your sister's blog.

It's nice to see you are doing well. Congrats on everything...your husbands graduation, the new addition and the new home...lots of exciting stuff happening at your house. :) Take care!

PS Your hair is really cute like that.

Keep in Touch!

Claire Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,
I love the new pictures, new house, new haircut, and growing belly.... We are looking forward to seeing you guys in Lubbock this weekend.